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12 Months warranty
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Horsebox Repaints

Horsebox Repaints

Horsebox Repaints

Horsebox Repaints

If the outer design of your horsebox is beginning to show its age, you might want to arrange for a horsebox repaints service to refresh the appearance of your vehicle.

A repaint or respray service conducted by trustworthy professionals that carry years of experience is a worthwhile investment for your horsebox. Just as mechanical maintenance is important, so too is the maintenance of its appearance.

The horsebox repaints service our team provide can rejuvenate older models so effectively, they will appear as new.

Unforeseen accidents and small damages happen to vehicles on the road over time; if your horsebox has suffered from a similar accumulation of chips in need of covering up, our team will be happy to oblige. There is no job too big or too small when it comes to the scope of the repainting work our expert team provide.

We also offer full resprays of your vehicle to breathe new life into the exterior of your cherished vehicle. Any make or model of horsebox can benefit from our repaint services, irrespective of where the horsebox has come from.

Bespoke Vehicle Branding

Our in-house design and signage team have been trusted with the bespoke branding of numerous horseboxes of different sizes as we offer a professional yet personable, expert service. If you need to have your brand logo emboldened onto your horsebox, our expert team can deliver a personalised vehicle branding service that will increase brand recognition and your reputation.

Your reputation is proceeded by the upkeep of the aesthetic of your horsebox, and this is particularly pertinent if you compete professionally. First impressions matter and they start with the look of your horsebox. Arrange for a first-rate horsebox repaints service today.