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12 Months warranty
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Horsebox Services & MOTs

Horsebox Maintenance

When you buy a horsebox from Cooke Coachbuilders, you make a long-term investment for the years to come. Made from the highest value materials and manufactured to your bespoke requirements, all our horseboxes reflect our high standard of quality workmanship.

Not only are our team of experts qualified to provide a variety of models in different sizes, but our commitment to quality also extends to providing a comprehensive service & MOT for all our horseboxes.

Horsebox Services

Horsebox maintenance is important for preserving bespoke horseboxes as each HGV horsebox has been designed specifically to accommodate your preferences and built to last. It is nevertheless important to properly maintain your investment, so our team provide a professional horsebox service to help you to get the most out of your investment for the long haul.

During the service, your horsebox will be assessed thoroughly, and routine maintenance recommended where necessary. The frequency with which a horsebox service is recommended depends upon how often you use your horsebox, but regular servicing is necessary to maintain your vehicle as safe and in good condition.

Horsebox Services

Horsebox MOTs

Horsebox MOTs

All our valued customers are offered the following as part of our service & MOT:

  1. Full vehicle body checks at our factory
  2. Arrange and facilitate Dealer Services and MOTs

As we are horsebox manufacturers with 5 decades of experience, the first-rate customer service we offer is solidified by how long we have continued to manufacture and service luxury horseboxes. All our existing customers in Staffordshire and across the UK can benefit from a horsebox MOT to certify their vehicle as still safe for usage on the road.

All you need to do is fill out a straightforward enquiry form and our friendly team at Cooke Coachbuilders will respond to you promptly to arrange your horsebox service & horsebox MOT.