Our new model, the Countryman XL with a single bed layout, is based on the ‘Best Seller’ of our 3.5-tonne horsebox range, the Countryman XL. They both boast an aesthetically pleasing design but are engineered for practicality and professionalism. The Countryman XL Bed boasts the same extra 300mm in length from our Standard Countryman, accommodating the groom with a larger day living area.

However, the key difference between the two XL models, is our folding seatbacks in the lounge that form a comfortable single bed. This set up is perfect for horse and rider that may be taking a slightly longer trip, are experiencing delays, for daytime recuperation, and much more.

This stylish 3.5-tonne horsebox with living area is lit with low voltage LED lighting, bonded tinted windows, a wide and lightweight ramp with a lift-up door, amongst other great features listed below.

For the Day Competitor, the Countryman XL with bed layout provides the utmost comfort and great potential for longer trips. In addition, to make this fantastic horsebox even more comfortable, we can add several extra, optional features such as a porta-loo, extra storage, fitted wardrobe, and a combi sink/burner. We can even design and apply metallic paint and exterior graphics to brand the vehicle.

The 3.5-tonne XL is built on both new and used chassis.

Our new builds are based on Peugeot Boxer 335 L3 130 floor cabs proven to be economical, with a wider rear axle for increased stability and safety. They’re sourced in the UK from a Peugeot Dealer, sold with twelve months’ warranty on the build and 3 years’ warranty on the Peugeot.

We also have a selection of used Cab chassis’ in stock.

Optional extras available for 3.5 Tonne Horsebox – Countryman XL – Bed

  • Alternative options for interior and exterior lockers for tack or storage
  • Metallic paintwork and exterior graphics
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Water tank and outside cold shower
  • Hinge table to grooms area
  • Extra wide grooms door
  • Bed in grooms area
  • Fold down bed above cab
  • Walls lined in grooms area
  • Shelf in grooms area
  • Digi Lock on grooms door
  • Tow bar