At Cooke Coachbuilder’s, we are naturally passionate about horses. We have been luxury horsebox coach builders for decades now and have built our reputation as being the most trustworthy coachbuilding business in the UK. The relationship between man and horse dates back centuries, with horses serving people well and aiding their victory in battle. Nowadays, we have a more mutually respectful relationship with horses as we recognise their autonomy as sentient creatures with feelings and their own rights. The battlefield has been replaced by compassionate ownership and fun competitions for both owner and horse to enjoy. But the luxury element of horse ownership is still going strong into 2023 and beyond!

Horse History

Horses are luxurious. It still costs a pretty penny to own a horse in this day and age, but in the Middle Ages horses were only owned by the upper class too because of their ties with royalty. A symbol of freedom, whether literal, philosophical, or economic, horses are associated with travel. It makes sense that horse transport should logically be luxurious to give enough space and luxurious surroundings for them to thrive in, as nature intended.

Man’s Other Best Friend?

On the other hand, horses have been crucial to man’s agricultural success on farmlands for many centuries. Their use in helping with the success of the land ranged between harvesting to land preparation and beyond. The horseshoe has been a symbol of good luck for just as long, with its origins dating back to the 8th century and its recognition as a protection symbol becoming universally acknowledged today. Horses deserve recognition for their long history as being man’s companion – while they may not be as convenient as a dog in terms of staying by man’s side, their contribution to our lives is still significant. If you have already invested in luxury transport, you need to ensure you are keeping standards up with regular horsebox maintenance checks from our professional coach builders team.

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