Cooke Coachbuilders is a family run business of horse lovers, who make extensive use of horseboxes. Due to this, all our horsebox designers and engineers understand the functionality required in a horsebox. In this way, you don’t just receive a pretty horsebox but also a highly functional one. After designing and building horseboxes for over four decades, we’ve perfected the art and have many satisfied customers across the country. So, check out our horseboxes for sale:

3.5 tonne horseboxes

These small but beautiful horseboxes only require a standard UK drivers license and fit you and your horses in a luxurious space designed to fit your needs. Economy meets affordability in these small but powerful vehicles and they’re designed and manufactured by the very same people that create our luxury HGVs, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the same quality, just in a smaller package.

7.5 tonne horseboxes

Our 7.5 tonne horseboxes are designed for longer journeys and more people and horses. As standard, our 7.5 tonne models come with a kitchen, sitting area, sleeping quarters, and a small bathroom. Comfortable for the longer journey and more frequent overnight stays. These models give you the room and freedom to travel and live luxuriously with your horses.

HGV horseboxes

The HGV horsebox is for the bigger herd of horses. With the ability to carry more livestock for further distances and spacious luxury living areas, these HGVs are the height of the Cooke Coachbuilders range of horseboxes for sale. These are some of our most customisable models yet, with room for additions like full-sized appliances, flat-screen TVs, and other fantastic extras.

Contact us today by using our submission form or calling us on 01270 588 598 to discuss the horseboxes we have for sale.