Horsebox design is essential to your enjoyment of the vehicle for both you and your horses. A poorly designed horsebox can lead to frustration, unhappiness, a reluctance to use it. Bu missing out on opportunities because of your horsebox can be a thing of the past with Cooke Coachbuilder’s horsebox design.

With over four decades under our belt, Cooke Coachbuilders have used, tried, and tested almost everything you can imagine. We’ve also received four decades worth of customer feedback and we’re proud to say that we’ve perfected the art of bespoke horsebox design.


One of the most important decisions is the size of your horsebox. The most essential number is how many horses you plan to be transporting and based on this we can recommend anything from a 3.5 tonne model all the way up to an HGV.


What does your horsebox need to do for you? At Cooke, we believe that if you love to cook, you should have a functional kitchen will full-sized appliances, and if you love a night in front of the TV, you should have a good quality one. All these aspects of functionality are tried and tested in various models, as well as supplying more tack lockers and other extras for your horses.


As horsebox designers, it’s only natural that we are able to paint the outer shell of your horsebox into beautiful designs. Whether you have something in mind or would like our creative team to pitch you some ideas, you can rely on us for a stylish ride.


Not only do we supply extra function, but we also build to impeccable standards of durability. This way the luxury of your new horsebox lasts for as long as possible and if something breaks our horsebox repair team is always available to help.

Find out more about horsebox design from Cooke Coachbuilders by contacting us on 01270 588 598.