Horsebox maintenance is a huge part of owning one of our fantastic Cooke vehicles and we understand that your race home or horsebox is an investment, not just a purchase. Therefore, we offer first class horsebox repair and horsebox repaint services for customers in Stoke, Crewe, Staffordshire, and beyond across the UK.

We have a team of highly-trained specialists that are fully qualified to refurbish, service, and MOT your horsebox, making use of the latest technology to guarantee an efficient horsebox repair service. Additionally, our equally expert graphic design team are on hand for horsebox resprays.

Our horseboxes are built to last, which means older models can still be in great shape, but the outer designs can begin to look dated. A horsebox repaint will refresh and effectively rejuvenate these older models and are a fraction of the cost of a new purchase.

If you’re conveniently located in Crewe, Stoke or Staffordshire – or are coming from further afield – and are looking into horsebox maintenance, we will get your horsebox repaired and resprayed to an impeccable standard in no time at all.