If you’re buying your first horsebox or looking to upgrade from your current one, it can be hard to know which horsebox is right for you. We stock various models that cater to different needs, but we also supply bespoke horseboxes. So, whatever you want out of your horsebox, Cooke Coachbuilders can deliver.


How Many Horses


Firstly, how many horses or ponies do you regularly transport at the same time? Our 3.5 tonne horsebox can transport two ponies or one horse, but if you’re interested in transporting more than one horse you should consider a larger vehicle. For example, the 7.5 tonne horsebox models can transport three ponies or two horses, and the HGV horseboxes can carry three horses.


Living Area


The size of your horsebox also determines how large your living area is. Another factor is whether you want a sleeping and shower area. For example, our 3.5 tonne horsebox, the Countryman Bed XLS, has a bed but no shower, whereas the 7.5 tonne horsebox Premier 2 SWB, sleeps a minimum of 4 people and has a shower.


Function & Luxury


As bespoke horsebox builders, we have an impressive range of options available to customise your horsebox. Whether you need extra storage for tack and supplies or want to make the living area more comfortable with a full-sized oven or a TV, we can make it happen. Just discuss your needs with us and we will draw up a plan.


If you’re interested in our horseboxes please contact us on 01270 588 598 or via our website.