With the Governments recent lockdown announcement revealing that outdoor sports are likely to be able to resume in time for Summer, perhaps even with spectators, those looking to get back into eventing have some preparation to do. Most horseboxes will have been sat dormant since the announcement of the first national lockdown back in March 2020 and if that is the case then they will need a little TLC before getting back to transporting teams and livestock up and down the country regularly. Cooke coachbuilders can help to get your equestrian transport up to standard with a horsebox respray this spring.

Look Your Best

Events are prestigious events that have rigorous etiquette rules that need to adhere too. No matter which equestrian discipline you ride in, looking smart and taking pride in one’s appearance is a must and is even part of the scoring in events such as dressage. You aren’t going to ride your horse wearing tatty old clothes and showing up in a horsebox that looks less than it’s best is not great for your sense of style. Our horsebox resprays can lift the entire aesthetic of the vehicle, covering accumulated marks, scratches and chips in the paintwork and giving it a new lease of life.

Increase Value

If you aren’t planning on eventing this year but are looking to sell your horsebox in the not-too-distant future, then a horsebox respray can help to increase the resale value. Even when buying a second-hand vehicle, buyers want the best possible deal they can get and a respray can cover those imperfections that are likely to put a buyer off or result in a lower offer. A freshly coated vehicle is also more likely to attract attention when advertised online and generate interest, which is the first hurdle to overcome when selling a vehicle.

For more information or to book a horsebox respray, get in touch with us today.