Cooke Coachbuilder is pleased to introduce our new model of 3.5 tonne horsebox, the Countryman XLS.

This fantastic vehicle is based on our Countryman XL, which is the bestseller of our 3.5 tonne horsebox range. It boasts the same extra 300mm area of living space from the Standard Countryman, amongst other features unique in the 3.5 tonne horsebox range, like a porta-loo and extra storage space.

What the Countryman XLS has that our other models down, is a fold-down seatback in the lounge area that forms part of a comfortable single bed. Whether you need a place for daytime recuperation or want to take longer journeys, the Countryman XLS is ideal for both horse and rider.

This sleek and stylish horsebox is built for both practicality and luxury. They’re built by the very same hands that build our bespoke luxury horseboxes and promise the same efficient use of space and vehicle reliability but for someone who only looking to spend a smaller amount, or simply doesn’t need the space.

As standard, the Countryman XLS is fitted with low voltage LED lighting, to ensure you don’t have to constantly recharge. As well as bonded tinted windows, a fully insulated composite roof, and luxury trim on the cab seats and panel doors.

The horse area boasts a lightweight, wide ramp with warning light, roof vent and electric Fan, heavy-duty rubber flooring with drainage holes, and more to make the most comfortable experience for your horse or pony.

If you’re interested in this fantastic new 3.5 tonne horsebox for sale, or any of our other products or services like horsebox repair, then don’t hesitate to get in touch via our website or on 01270 588 598.